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Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch Bundle 1.0

Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch Bundle 1.0

by BlinkVRJuly 21, 2018

Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch Bundle 1.0
http://www.cyberpeep.comThe Oculus Rift hosts an innovative display technology with precise, low-latency constellation tracking system that supports the impression of presence.

The Rift is a technologically designed to be customizable adaptable, comfortable, and beautiful.

The Oculus rift is designed to be easy, inviting and comfortable with an immersive VR experience.

To your surprise, it comes with the Oculus Touch Bundle 1.0, a virtual hand that delivers you natural “hand presence” and a total immersive experience.

The Oculus Touch Bundle 1.0 is basically a pair of tracked controllers that gives provides you the natural feeling of the virtual hands.

One of the prerequisite for the Oculus rift is Windows PC and internet connection.

You have 7 free games to enjoy in the names of Robo Recall, Lucky’s Tale, Dragon Front, Quill, Medium, Dead & Buried, and Toy box.

Drown yourself to the ‘Rift-Experience’: The Oculus Rift is totally different from what you have ever experienced.

The immersive experience while you watch a movie or play a VR game is just amazing.

Just be into the moment and lose yourself in the world of Virtual Reality.

See the ‘Unbelievable’: The Rift flaunts a state of the art display and optics, aptly designed for VR.

The gear has high refresh rates, low persistence display and the custom tactics system, which collectively works to provide an incredible visual fidelity and immersive experience with a wide field of view.

The Magic of Presence: Live the moment and be present on the spot! Rift is all about that.

The advanced display allows you to feel your presence in the virtual environment.

The Precise and low latency constellation tracking system allows you an enhanced immersive experience.

Reach out and touch: The pair of tracked controllers give your hands the taste of the virtual world, taking interaction and immersive experience to a new level altogether.

Feel like your virtual hands are yours for real.

Unlock Human Expressions: Combine human gestures like point, wave, and thumbs-up in the multiplayer mode to enhance your gaming experience. It unlocks the social element, the first of its kind in VR technology.

Intuitive Interaction: Unleash your intuitive gaming interaction with the all new Touch. It allows you to utilize objects in the virtual space with precision.

Pick up guns, toys, throw grenades or bombs, use laser guns- with the intuitive and natural hand movements.

It also features action buttons, thumbs sticks and analog triggers which enhances the actions like grasping and lifting of objects.


The advanced display technology enhances the immersive experience. It is customizable, comfortable, adaptable, easy to use and well designed to look inviting to buyers. The Rift comes with seven games which are for free.


Major drawback of the product is it runs only on Windows PC. You also need a stable internet connection to use it hassle free. The Oculus touch bundle is an Oculus Rift accessory and the Rift is sold separately.

Final Thoughts: The Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch Bundle 1.0 is an excellent headset. If you are looking for the ultimate VR experience, we strongly recommend you the Oculus Touch Bundle along with the Rift.
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