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Educator Edition Augmented Reality Sandbox Reviews

Educator Edition Augmented Reality Sandbox Reviews

by BlinkVRNovember 13, 2017

Educator Edition Augmented Reality Sandbox

  • Powerful components for a no compromise AR experience
  • Portable design ensures fit through narrow doorways
  • Built tough for years of service
  • Backed by years of experience manufacturing AR hardware

TopoBox’s newest model, the Educator Edition, leverages our experience building museum quality augmented reality sandboxes to produce a low cost, robust design for use in an educational environment. Shipped as a DIY Kit, assembly takes under 2 hours. Unlike our competitors, the Educator Edition utilizes high powered components to ensure round the clock performance. Laptops simply do not suffice for processing augmented reality, so our components include an SSD hard drive to give a quick startup, a massive Nvidia GTX 1060 video to create smooth water simulation and an I3 processor to bind it all together. A carefully crafted portable design allows the Educator Edition to roll through standard doorways with no disassembly. The design also all
Augmented Reality

List Price: $ 7,390.00


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